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Prefix: x!help
Created by: !Nick#6146
Short link: discord.ly/nicky-6207
Ever wanted a bot specially made for music? A fully functional, stable music bot? Nicky? does it all
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The bot is online 24/7 except if there is an update or a restart or restart

we have a good support team who will help at any time my support team knows what they are doing and any supporter has access to the bottom so they can look what is wrong with it and any supporter has access to and restart the bottom if it is not running as it should, etc.

Music Commands

  • ▶️ x!play | adds to song to the queue
  • ⏹️ x!stop | pause the current song
  • ⏭️ x!skip | skip to next song in the queue
  • 🛄 x!queue | List the song in the queue
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