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Batch manage nicknames with ease using append, prepend, set, and replace operations and selective inclusion/exclusion.

A lil bot for nicking.

Command list
Command Description
help Help command.
prefix Set the prefix for the guild, in case you don’t want to use mentions.
append “affix” Append to nicknames
prepend “prefix” Prepend to nicknames
set “nick” Set nicknames
replace “old” “new” Replace values in nicknames
regex-replace “old-regex” “new-value” Replace values in nicknames using regex
reset Reset nicknames to usernames

Use mentions to include, for example, this sets both @Dog and @Doggo’s nicknames to Dog: set "Dog" @Dog @Doggo. You can use roles as well.

To exclude, use -- before your mentions; this sets anyone but @Dog and @Doggo to Cat: set "Cat" -- @Dog @Doggo.


If you don’t want to mention, just use the role/user name (eg. @Active becomes Active).

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.