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The bot has 3 categories: Fun, Casino and Moderation
You can vote once every 12 hours.
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in the casino you can gamble and even extra gamble to get 3x,
you also have a bank and pocket, you can rob people, work, slut or do crime to get money!
you have a shop for each server, you can add things with prices and buy it.

you have a tempmute/unmute command, you also have a warnings system for each server
you have setwelcome command that you’re setting welcome channel and the bot
sending a image with the memberimage and is name when someone join the server!
you also have a clear command that you cna clear the chat.

you have alot of fun command like flip, meme, 8ball and more!
you can do this commands with your friends and have fun!

Hope you like my Bot :)

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