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N⚙T is a free powerful chat bot and tracks all youtube events
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<center><h1> N⚙T</h1></center>

<h1> Introduction </h1>
<h2><code>N⚙T</code>is powerful chat bot ,it can notify when your favourate Youtubers gone live,uploads video, premiere,community posts,and twitch streamers gone live , directly
to the discord channel with high customisable capacity like customize tags ,live messages etc. You can change it’s prefix by typing <code>?prefix newprefix</code></h2>

<h1> Features</h1>

<h2> * Chat Bot: </h2>
<h2> It can chat with you by setting a channel(<code>?setchat #channel</code>).You can always talk with him.It can remember your name ,age etc by saying <code>My name is default</code>.</h2>

<h2>* Youtube Tracker:</h2>
<h2> It can notify youtube live stream ,uploaded videos, premiere,posts in real time .You can customise anything like liveMessage enable disable any event.And you can add any no of YouTube channels.For more info type <code>?help youtube</code>.</h2>

<h2>* Twitch Tracker:</h2>
<h2> Not bot will notifies when your favourite streamer goes live in real time(within a second).For more info type <code>?help twitch</code>.</h1>

<h2> * Moderation : </h2>
<h1> Powerfull moderation commands like ban,kick ,addrole,removerole,announce etc .It will log every actions in a channel ,so you can know who used the command.</h1>

<h2> * Images <h2>
<h1> With the bots images fun commands you will enojoy so much ,commands are jail,fire,trigger,wanted,rip… etc.</h1>

<small>If u need any help join our support server ,feel free to ask anything.</small>

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.