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Ocho is a multi-purpose bot that is 100% free and will never let your server down!

Hey there, are you looking for a bot that can do multiple things at once and for free? We offer a bot called Ocho here is it’s features!

  1. Has a very interactive help command!
  2. It is online almost all the time! (we do testing a lot)
  3. Offer’s plenty of image commands!
  4. has Mini Games that are really fun!
  5. Ocho offer’s the best Moderation Tools!
  6. Ocho has tons of fun command’s the fun will never stop!
  7. You never need to replace Ocho!
    This bot was made with hard work and effort enjoy!
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Prefix: o!
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Dicho#0530
Short link: discord.ly/ocho