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Full Orius Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Gaming commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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Orius Discord Bot Described:

Discord Bot for Role Playing Game such as leveling up, skill gathering and guild member battles!

The general purpose of this bot is having fun within a community by leveling up accord to the amount of messages sent on a discord server. The most messages you sent, most stronger you get and more powerful skills you learn. Use skills to combat other users. Level up and earn skill points to increase your stat attributes so you get more resistant or powerful, choose the path of endurance and DPS, collect skills and fight each other.

The main features for a initial release is:

  • Level up system based on amount of messages sent;
  • Learn skills by leveling up;
  • Configure up to four skills for combat use;
  • Spend skill points on attribute status;
  • See your current status and skills;
  • Use a skill on a target member;
  • Heal 10% hp/mp from hour to hour;

Commands Reference

Returns the bot current version.

  • Aliases: [v]

  • Params: None




Returns user general status.
The status shows general information about the current status of the user, such as lv, current and max hp and mp, attributes of strength, magic, defense and more.

  • aliases: [st]

  • Params: None



status print


Lists all user learned skills.
If set param was specified the return the skillset, which contains the moves used for combat.

  • Aliases: [sk]

  • Params:

    • list (default): Returns a list of all learned skills;
    • set: Returns the user combat skillset;


Listing learned skills:


skills print

Listing skillset

o:skills set

skills set print


Set a learned skill for combat use. A skill in the skillset can be used for attacking other users. You can assign a learned skill with this command for combat use. You can only assign a learned skill, to check learned skills you have see the command skills.

  • Aliases: [set_skill|ssk|assign|set]

  • Params:

    • skill_name: Name of a learned skill


o:set shock

set skill print


Unset a skill from skillset. A skill in the skillset can be used for attacking other users.You cant unassign a skill if you have none or only one skill on the skillset.

  • Aliases: [unset_skill|un|unassign|unset]

  • Params:

    • skill_name: Name of a learned skill


o:unset smash

unset skill print


Uses a skill against a target member. A skill, in the most cases causes damage on target. You can only use a skill that is in your skillset.
You cant use skill on KOed player;
You cant use skill if youre KOed;
You cant use skill if you have not enough mp (move points) for using it.

  • Aliases: [use_skill|use|cast]

  • Params:

    • skill_name: Name of the skill to use;
    • target: The target is a discord mention, which means you have to target someone by mentioning the member tag.


Casts flame on BeelzeBruno

o:use flame @BeelzeBruno

use print


Increment an stat attribute by spending a skill point on it.
You must have skill points enough for the transaction.

  • Aliases: [add_stat|add|addst]

  • Params:

    • attribute_name: Must specify the stat attribute such as hp, mp, defense
    • value: The amount of skill points to spend on the attribute. Must be an integer number.


Increase magic in 3

o:add_stat magic 3

add stat print


Resets your character to initial stats condition.

The minimum lv required to reset is 50.

Your lv will return to 1. All stats will return to base stats.
All skills will be forgotten.
But, all skill points earned will be retain and the character will start again with that many skill points to redistribute anyway you like.

  • Aliases: [rst]

  • Params: None.




Read the docs on official github repo!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Orius Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Orius to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Orius Discord Bot' on this page.

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