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Ostra's robust moderation system makes community management a breeze. Take control of your server and leverage the power of Ostra today.
With it’s moderation system and seamless interoperability with other bots, it’s easy to take advantage of the power of Ostra.
  • Track warns, kicks, mutes (which use native Discord timeouts), and bans all in one place.
  • Create punishments with any duration you’d like, even timeouts, which are normally limited to 4 weeks by Discord.
  • Easy-to-use punishment history: simply use /history <member>, and you can see a comprehensive list of punishments issued to that user, which staff member created the punishment, and who reverted it.
  • Moderation actions performed via native Discord features or even other moderation bots are detected by Ostra as well. Finally, you can keep a watchful eye on everything that happens in your server from one place.
  • Learn more at our Moderation guide.

Punishment History

Beautiful, modern role menus that make reaction roles look like an ancient workaround
  • No more confuses messages flooded with reactions, Ostra’s role menus use a discrete drop-down menu, which you can completely configure
  • Choose between two different types of role menus: Select One, which only allows the user to have one role from the menu active at a time, or Select Multiple, which allows the user to select as many roles as they want.
  • Use any custom emoji in your server, or use a built-in Discord emoji to represent your roles.
  • Give your roles a brief description so your users know what to pick!
  • Anyone visiting your server on mobile devices will love the improvement!
  • Learn more at our Role Menus guide.

Role Menus

Easy-to-use, highly customizable welcome messages
  • Configure custom join, leave, and DM info messages for your server.
  • Using $${expressions}, you can include many different dynamic values in your welcome messages. View more information on our Welcome Messages guide!
  • Set different channels for your join and leave messages
  • Configure welcome messages straight from Discord— there’s no need to launch a web dashboard!
  • Switch between Fancy Mode and Compact Mode to fit your server’s needs!
  • Learn more at our Welcome Messages guide.

Welcome Messages

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.