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Simple and easy ticket bot anyone can use.
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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Normal Commands
.help Displays this help message.
.info Get information about the bot.

Ticket Commands
.new Opens a new ticket.
.add <@user> Adds the user to the ticket.
.remove <@user> Removes the user from the ticket.
.close Closes the current ticket.

Admin Commands
.rename <name> Rename a ticket.
.transcript Get the transcript of the ticket.

Setting Commands
.setrole <role id> Set the support role that can see ticket channels.
.usecategory <true/false> Toggle the use of the ticket category.
.setcategory <channel id> Set the category tickets are created in.
.uselog <true/false> Toggle the use of the ticket log.
.setlog <channel id> Set the channel ticket information is logged in.
.savetranscripts <true/false> Toggle the saving of messages in tickets.
.dmtranscripts <true/false> Toggle DMing transcripts to users when their ticket is closed.\

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