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Full The Cool Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Fun commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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The Cool Discord Bot Described:

A fun, useful Discord Bot perfect for servers.
@The Cool Bot#891

Here are some of the commands:

Fun command:

+ $space words ➝ Converts he words into w o r d s
+ Example: $space hello

+ $emoji words ➝ Coverts the words into a emoji
+ Example: $emoji hi

+ $kill @<user> ➝ to kill someone or something
+ Example: $kill Bad

+ $meme ➝ to get a random meme
+ $memes ➝ does the same thing as $meme

+ $time ➝ shows what time it is in South Africa
+ $t, $T, $Time ➝ all do the same as $time

+ $invite ➝ To invite @The Cool Bot to different servers
+ $in ➝ same as $invite
+ $ping ➝ to find out the latency

+ $rickrole @person ➝ To rick role [person]
+ $rickr, $rrole ➝ does the same as $rickrole
+ Example: $rrole @JagTheFriend

+ $f ➝ To pay respect or something to someone or something

Games command:

+ $guess ➝ To play a game, where you have to guess a number between 0 to 10
+ $stop_guess ➝ To stop playing the guessing game

+ $tic ➝ To play tic tac toe
+ $stop_tic ➝ To stop playing tic tac toe

+ $hangman ➝ To play hangman
+ $stop_hangman ➝ To stop playing hangman

Help command:

+ $help ➝ to see the commands
+ $helpp ➝ does the same thing as help

Compile command:

+ $compile [language] [code] ➝ To run pieces of code in discord
+ Example: $compile python print("Hello)
+ Send $code if you want want know how to make code blocks

+ $calculate expression ➝ to calculate stuff, 
+ $cal, $Cal, $Calculate ➝ all do the same thing as $calculate
+ Example: $cal 9+6*3

Gif command:

+ $gif Word ➝ Picks random gif according to the Word
+ $gifs Word ➝ does the same as $gif
+ Example: $gif Hello

+ Note: only $gif works too, but it will pick a random gif

Temperature command:

+ $temp Place ➝ to get what the weather is like in <Place>
+ $Temperature, $temperature ➝ does the same as $temp
+ Example: $temp Lon➝n

Pixel art:

+ $ascii words ➝ makes a ascii art with the [words]
+ $ascii_art words ➝ does the same thing as $ascii
+ Example: $ascii hello

Youtube command:

+ $length <youtube playlist link> ➝ to find the total time taken to watch a play list
+ Example: $length$list=PL5dsjElNb-MunK5J507OdFx4bPPKl1RO2

Info command:

+ $info ➝ to get more information about the server, like: the name of owner etc
+ $serverinfo, $server_info ➝ the same as $info

+ $whois @person ➝ shows when the person had created there account
+ $who ➝ Does the same thing as $whois
+ Example: $who @JagTheFriend

+ $pfp @User ➝ To get the pfp of a user
Note: only `$pfp` would give you your own pfp

Music command:

+ $join ➝  Joins a voice channel
+ $leave ➝ Clears the queue and leaves the voice channel

+ $now ➝ Displays the currently playing song
+ $pause ➝ Pauses the currently playing song

+ $play [song] ➝ Plays a song
+ $queue ➝ Shows the player's queue

+ $resume ➝ Resumes a currently paused song
+ $skip ➝ To skip a song

+ $stop ➝ Stops playing song and clears the queue
+ $volume ➝ Sets the volume of the player

Moderator command:

+ $ban @member [reason] ➝ bans the member from the server for [reason]
+ Example: $ban @SomeOne For disobeying the rules

+ $mute @member [reason] ➝ mutes the member for [reason]
+ Example: $mute @SomeOne For disobeying the rules

+ $kick @member [reason] ➝ kicks the member out of the server for  [reason]
+ Example: $kick @SomeOne For disobeying the rules

+ $unban @member ➝ unbans the memfrom the server
+ $unmute @member ➝ unmuted the member

+ $change_prefix [new prefix] ➝ Changes the bot's prefix for the server
+ Example: $change_prefix %

@The Cool Bot#4615 was created by @JagTheFriend#9984

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add The Cool Discord Bot to my server?

You can add The Cool to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add The Cool Discord Bot' on this page.

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