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A Paladins stats Discord bot with features such as live match stats and account syncing.
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Paladins Sidekick is a multifeature Paladins Discord bot that’s goal is to help minimize the work for Paladin’s community servers.
It is currently in beta testing, but even now it contains a lot of features that will allow you and your community to get deeper
insight into the statistics on current and previous matches as well as stats of other players across all the platforms.

From the library we use to communicate with the Paladins API to the servers we host it on, we have full control over the entire
process. We have automated error reporting, near zero downtime deployment, and the bot has been developed from the ground up with
support for many servers.

Goals for full release

We do have some features in development including:

  • Automated role management
  • Automated voice channel management (this is currently working, but has some bugs so it’s been disabled)
  • User privacy controls, so you can view your stats…but others can’t.
  • More reactive command responses
  • More information in command responses
  • and more…

We do plan on adding a web dashboard here shortly, but are focusing on getting the bot fully tested and released first.

Current Commands

  • match - Get a match data
  • current - Get the current match of a player
  • last - Get the last match data of a player
  • stats - Get a player stats
  • champs - Get a player’s champion stats
  • history - Get the match histry for a player
  • status - See the current status of a player
  • friends - View a player’s friends
  • blocked - View the players that a player has blocked
  • search - Find the player id of someone with that name (searches across all platforms)
  • admin - Admin command for server owners
  • discord/invite - Invite to our Discord
  • botstats - General bot stats
  • help - View help, this may be outdated as we constantly change things

DM Commands

  • !link - A command that will allow you to link your account
  • !ready - Let the bot know your ready to link


Please join the Paladins Sidekick Discord to keep up to date with all the changes to the bot.
If you need help, we can also help you there and report errors there.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.