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Created by: ComicallyBad#8296
Short link: discord.ly/personal-bot
Fun, music, game, information, and moderation features. A leveling system and reaction roles.

ComicallyBot2.0 is a bot that uses a permission and status structure.

Commands and automoderation can be toggled on or off by server.

Roles and Users can also be given permission to access certain commands by server.

ComicallyBot2.0 has many moderation, fun, informational, music, helpful commands, a leveling system, and reaction role features.

Commands will default to enabled, so use _toggle, _togglecat, or _toggleall to toggle commands/categories.

Create a discord text channel named “mod-logs” for logging moderator command uses and server events (user join/leave/kick/ban).

Use _help for a list of commands.

Use _help {command} to view information on a command.

Use _status to show the status of commands.

Use _addmember {@role | roleID | @user | userID} to add a role/user to access member commands.

Use _addmod {@role | roleID | @user | userID} to add a role/user to access mod commands.

Administrator commands can only be accessed by server administrators.

Recent Updates:

Automoderation and leveling systems will default to disabled, you can enable them by checking _help auto-moderation.

You will have to use _setrankchannel to set the response channel for level up notifications.

A translation command has been added, however it will become customizable and automated meaning; it will detect messages that are not your servers native language and translate them accordingly.

More to come:

Automated translation, more advanced moderation logging, customizable auto-moderation punishments, even more auto-moderation features and much more.