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A bot with multiple usages, such as moderating or fun but with some specific commands which are focused on Identity V.
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To get started type anywhere Vhelp. The Bot will then show all available commands. The Bot has at the moment moderation commands like kick, mute, warn but also has some fun commands such as fight which allows you to fight against a friend. Between that the Bot also supports emotes and action commands such as kiss. But this is pretty common. The special part about this bot is the identity v part. So, one of the main features of the Bot is it to be a dictionary. But what does this mean? For example: You can type anywhere Vmechanic. Now the Bot will send a message with information about mechanic. The information include Story of the character, Rumors about that character and of course the skills. I’m also working on adding Top Players to the information, which will show Top Players of that character. But thats not all, you can even get information about maps (f.e. Vredchurch). Especially this can be usefull because the Bot will also send a photo of that map: Clans which take part in a tournament can so better organize. At the moment I’m also working on an economy-part which works with clues as currency. With clues you will be able to buy character-roles (which the Bot automatically creates) or you can buy commands on this bot. Thats it for the first. -Of course I’m still working on it and will add stuff in the future.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.