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A very well developed FREE multi-purpose bot to help protect your Discord server, play games and much more!

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Version 2 of PiBot has been recently released! Feel free to check this out!


This bot includes ultimate moderation features including Anti-Raid (take action against rogue moderators in your server removing their roles when they commit bad actions such as mass banning)

Anti-Spam will prevent actions such as mass / fast mentioning by muting the member.

Basic moderation commands including a moderation log to keep your server organised. The moderation log comes with case numbers, the ability to change a reason of an action and the responsible moderator.


This bot includes games such as Taboo and Guess the Logo. We will include more games in the future and update existing games.

Level / XP System

Our level / XP system has a cooldown to prevent spam leveling and has an online leaderboard! We will be introducting rank cards very soon, so stay tuned for a future update!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.