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Welcome to pokebot! With pokebot you can catch, train, and battle with other trainer’s pokemon! Pokebot is also being rewritten for a better version! He’ll have the PvP system and Story mode! If you have any suggestions for the new version, make sure to send them to our server.

Some features
  • All generations available
  • NPC battle - Battle with our custom ai Npc
  • Trading - Trade with other trainers
  • Discoin support- exchange other bots currencies to pcn!
Name Options Description
Help NONE Sends a full list of current available commands
Start [reset] Starts/reset your pokemon journey
Explore (ball) Starts an exploration to discover and catch new types of pokemon
Wondertrade (ID) Trades your pokemon over a random one
Trainercard [mention] Shows yours or someone else’s trainer card
Mart (BUY) Ran out of pokeballs? Try buying some!
Mysterygift [code] Reedem the code that you received from the partnered servers and get exclusive rewards

A feedback from one of our users


ok so, with a bot like this that’s based off of a hugely populated game; there is a lot you can do, but because it’s so reliant on what’s relevant on the game you have to use the same mechanics as the game and not start creating your own things.
There are many possibilities for this bot and i have high expectations for it, one thing you should focus on is the battle system because it’s kind of the main part of pokemon.
I suppose there are other things you could work on like fishing etc but i feel as if the most important thing you work on for now is optimizing what you already have, fixing bugs etc, but for now i’m pretty happy with the direction this bot seems to be going

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