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Pokehunt is a Pokémon bot that let's it's players to catch, hunt, trade, sell & battle their favorite Pokémon (like pokecord)!
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How to use the bot?


Start your journey choosing any of the starters you want!

Pick a starter


When you send messages in a channel, at a random moment a Pokémon will spawn. You can catch it by typing .catch Pokémon, and get hints for the name by typing .hint.

Pokémon spawn


Every 10 minutes you can hunt a Pokémon. You can see which one you have hunted, and you can choose if you want to keep it, or release it.

Pokémon being hunted


You have different quests to complete, if you complete a quest you will get a reward.

Quests example


If you want to sell your pokemon but don’t want to limit it’s price unlike market & want people have a outbidding competition over it you can use the auction commands!

Pokémon on auction list


You can use the market commands to buy & sell Pokémons. For finding Pokémons that you would like to buy, you can always use the market search command with the query that matches your interest!

Pokémon on market


Trade you pokémons for other players pokémon, credits or even redeems using the trade command!

Trade command response


Enable/Disable/Change things as per your demand. Configure the bot easily with the settings command!

Settings command response

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.