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An amazing discord bot that has fun, music, moderation, utility and more! 24/7 online
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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say [message] | Let me say something for you!
ping | Get my ping!
8ball [question] | Ask a question!
death | Get a death gif!
botinfo | Get my personal bot info!
serverinfo | Get information about the discord server!
info [@user] | Get information about a specific discord user!
uptime | Get my uptime!
servers | See in how many servers I’m!
credits | Get the credits of this bot!
report [command] [problem] | Report a bugg/problem to a special channel in our support server!
support | Get an invite link to the official support server!
vote | Vote for this bot!
invite | Get the invite link for this bot!

Music Commands:
play [song] | Plays a song.
join [Voice Channel Name] | Joins a specific voice channel.
summon | Summons the bot to join your voice channel.
volume [1-100] | Sets the volume of the currently playing song.
pause | Pauses the currently played song.
resume | Resumes the currently played song.
stop | Stops playing audio and leaves the voice channel. This also clears the queue.
skip | Vote to skip a song.
playing | Shows info about the currently played song.

Staff Commands:
kick [@user] [reason] | Kick a user! (kick permission)
ban [@user] [reason] | Bans a user! (Ban permission)
nick [@user] [nickname] | Give a nickname to a user! (manage nicknames permission)
Vote Commands:
Currently, No Vote Required
embed [message] | Let me embed a message for you!
google [image/maps/empty = google] [search-request] | Search something on google!

Paid Commands:
Currently Disabled
update [channelid] [message] | Send an embedded update in a specific channel! (administrator permission)
updatewithimage [channelid] [message] [imageurl] | Send an embedded update in a specific channel with an image! (administrator permission)
advertisement [channelid] [message] | Send an embedded advertisement in a specific channel!(administrator permission)
advertisementwithbannner [channelid] [message] [imageurl] | Send an embedded advertisement in a specific channel with an image! (administrator permission)
munban | Massively unbans every banned member in the server! (administrator permission)

Help Sections:
musichelp | See all the music commands!
help | Show pony’s help section!

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