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An automated profanity filter bot to protect your server.

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The bot checks what is sent in your server channels and removes unwanted language - giving you more time to focus on engaging your server and less on moderating.
With ProfanityBlocker, every piece of user-generated text is sent from your Discord server via the bot to our filtering system. It is scanned by our intelligent engine which scans English words for profane words.

When invited, the bot will create two roles for you “Bot_Admin” and “Bot_Moderator”, these determine which commands that user is able to access.

To make use of our service that detects profane words in your discord servers messages, simply signup on https://clients.profanity-blocker.co.uk/user/register and head to https://clients.profanity-blocker.co.uk/addLicence.

After creating a license go onto your Discord server, make sure that you have invited the bot and make sure that you are either the server owner or have the Bot_Admin role created by the bot

If you are using a free licence key type pb!addfreekey [followed by the new key on the license manager]

And if you are using a paid key type: pb!addkey [followed by the new key on the license manager]

Free features include profane language filtering, auto assigning roles to new users, muting members and mute evasion, kicking, banning members and a special control panel with statistics about users who use profanity (https://botcp.profanity-blocker.co.uk)
Paid features include: email, phone and link filtering which must be purchased at https://clients.profanity-blocker.co.uk/Licences

Please Note:
The owner of the server will always have the same command permissions as anyone with the Bot_Admin role.
The bot requires the Manage Messages permission to be able to delete messages that our service has detected has Profanity in. Otherwise it will be unable to delete them.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.