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A multifunctional BOT with over 200+ registered commands.


  • This BOT is a multifunctional BOT with over 200+ commands and counting!

  • The BOT is online 24/7 and is non profitable! The developer spend no money but time and effort. And it supports music commands, editing avatars, moderation, search, memes, and more! Find out by inviting the BOT yourself!

BOT Commands

  • Below you will se some of the wonderful features the BOT has.

Music Commands

  • play : Plays a music from your query.
  • lyrics : Gets the lyrics for the current song or your query.
    (and more!)


  • kick : Kicks a mentioned member.
  • ban : Bans a mentioned member.
  • addrole : Adds a mentioned role to the mentioned member.
  • removerole : Removes specific role from the specific member.
    (and more!)

Join / Leave Message

  • Activated by putting the required channel topic. See the procedure by executing the “options” command.

Meme Image Edit

  • You can make a text meme by executing the commands under Meme Image category.

Avatar Edit

  • Edit avatars like blurring, pixelating, inverting, and more!

Search Command

  • You can search about League of Legends Champions, Anime Character, Anime Series, Country Information, Reddit Page, and more!

Multiplayer/Singleplayer Games

  • Play games with others or with yourself! The BOT has various games like bingo, tic tac toe, battle, gunfight, and more!

You also can make feedbacks, report bugs, suggest by using the BOT command which is “report” or “suggest”.

  • So invite the BOT and experience it yourself!
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.