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Puffer Discord Bot Described:

Puffer is a multipurpose fun bot that has commands based on the Pufferfish Eating Carrot meme.

Puffer is a multipurpose fun bot that has commands based on the Pufferfish Eating Carrot meme.

Here are the commands!

puf!aeugh: Its quite obvious what is about to happen.

puf!aeughspam: No

puf!bitaeugh: Bold Italics aeugh.

puf!blub: The most random command.

puf!denki: A key in a den. Made by Vibest #2058

puf!feesh: feesh.

puf!fish: feesh?

puf!fuckyou: Fuck you!

puf!help: How did you-

puf!insult: Want an insult from Puffer?

puf!itaeugh: Italics aeugh.

puf!jigglefeesh: Summons the divine jigglefeesh.

puf!jigglefish: Do you mean jigglefeesh?

puf!jigglemoji: The true jigglefeesh.

puf!kill: Who do you want him to slaughter?

puf!munch: Does someone have a carrot?

puf!puf: Alright. WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK?!

puf!pufferpuke: Do you really want to see this?

puf!puffersucc: S U C C

puf!reel: A fishing game with no inventory. Basically random chance.

puf!roulette/rr: Wanna play a dangerous game?

puf!say: Want Puffer to say something? Pings are automatically @deleted-user.

puf!thicc: Thicc feesh.

puf!ultimateaeugh: Probably considered spam…

puf!urfat: Is that bad for a pufferfish?

puf!warn: A joke warn command. None of these are logged.

puf!addrole: Gives someone a role (<person> <role>)

puf!ban: Bans mentioned user.

puf!clear: Clears an amount of messages.

puf!kick: Kicks mentioned user.

puf!removerole: Takes a role from someone (<person> <role>)

puf!slowmode: Gives the current channel slowmode for a given time.

puf!add: Adds numbers (number1 number2)

puf!bugreport: Got a bug to report? Just type this command followed by the problem.

puf!devping: Pings the people given access to edit this code.

puf!divide: Divides numbers (number1 number2)

puf!featured: Featured servers that Puffer is in.

puf!info: Displays my current version.

puf!invite: Wanna invite Puffer to your server? Just type this command!

puf!multiply: Multiplies numbers (number1 number2)

puf!note: A useful note-taking command. Sents you the note via DM.

puf!ping: Displays my ping.

puf!poll/ask: Makes a poll.

puf!request: Got a command request? Just type this command followed by a command you would like and what it does.

puf!server: Displays server status and amount of servers I’m in.

puf!subtract: Subtracts numbers (number1 number2)

puf!vote: Vote him on websites.

This list is not updated often. To see the full list, type puf!/p!help.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Puffer Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Puffer to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Puffer Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: puf! or p!
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Torafugu#7012