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🤖 The bot that does it all! ⚒️ Write your own code or use scripts others have created to customize Pylon for your server. 🤗
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You write it. We run it.

Build and deploy Discord bots in minutes using our simple online studio.

Serverless Bots

Under the hood, Pylon uses a lightning-fast JavaScript V8 runtime to power your bots. Pylon’s Discord SDK is fully typed, meaning TypeScript auto-completion and type-checking is built-in!

Online Editor

Build your bot in the browser.

Enjoy built-in revision history, syntax highlighting, code completion, logging, and more!

Instant Deploys

Build, test, deploy, repeat. When you hit Save, your bot is deployed instantly and suffers no event loss during deployments.

Batteries Included!

Key-value database, webhooks, and more!

Extend your bot’s functionality with our built-in persistent storage, scheduled events, and webhooks!

What will you build?

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