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Qiqi can do a lot of things! Qiqi could help you to play high-quality music on Youtube, Bilibili (B站), and Netease (网易云), calculate about genshin impact, and manage servers ...etc.
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如果你需要中文版的文档,请点击此处 (If you need to Chinese version documentation, click here)

Qiqi Bot is a Discord bot that could help you play high-quality music on Youtube, Bilibili, and Netease, calculate and check needed materials (for Genshin Impact characters, weapons, talents, and materials), and manage servers.

Qiqi Bot now support server custom playlist or build your personal favorite playlist from your own design! You could create your own playlist from YouTube, Bilibili, and Netease; You could let Qiqi Bot to load all of them in 1 single command! (see more info/requirement on music section commands)Isn’t that nice?

Also, Qiqi Could provide admin commands that help you to manage your Discord server!

Don’t forget to join our support server for Qiqi Bot to get first-handed update to Qiqi. You could also share your ideas or suggestions to make Qiqi better! Sometimes, there’s even a giveaway on the support server!

P.S: If you can’t invite Qiqi Bot to the server or Qiqi Bot is not responding, please don’t give low-star feedback immediately. This may cause by the Update of Qiqi Bot or cloud platform maintenance. Please come to Qiqi support server to receive first-handed news!

Below are all commands of Qiqi Bot. You could also visit the website of Qiqi Bot Documentation


If you forget the customized prefix of your server, you could simply @Qiqi and Qiqi will tell you the prefix!

Genshin Impact Commands

​ Genshin Impact commands by Qiqi Bot mainly focus on the calculations of characters and weapons in this game. It can also support to check all the materials related to the characters and weapons.

**All Genshin Impact commands supports both English and 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese).**The result of language is determined by the language of command name.

Also, Qiqi Supports glossaries for official names. You can also use common glossaries for searching information. (Example: /char ayaya for kamisato ayaka). If you think there is a common glossary that is not included, feel free to contact the developer for a patch~

Compatible with Game Version: 3.2 (Yae Miko - Everbloom Violet| Tartaglia - Farewell of Snezhnaya)

  • char & 角色: show the basic information of a character. You can also role for this command!
    • Example: /char qiqi or /role qiqi
  • talents & 天赋: show the all talents (including passive talents) of a character!
    • Example: /talents qiqi
  • cons & 命之座: show all constellations of a character
    • Example: /cons qiqi or /constellation qiqi
  • rolecalc & 角色计算: Calculate role ascension exp, mora, and materials. Enter the role name first and :. Then enter low level and high level next, separated by -. Alternative/Informal name of roles/characters are supported (Most of them huh). All levels (1 - 90) are supported.
    • Example (diluc, from level 26 to level 73): /rolecalc diluc: 26 - 73 (Spaces between data and symbols are fine with Qiqi Bot)
    • Example (Alternative Name for zhongli: Morax, 66 - 89): /rolecalc Morax:66-89 (Capitalization are fine with Qiqi Bot)
  • weaponcalc & 武器计算: Calculate weapon ascension exp, mora, and materials. Enter the weapon name first and refinement level from low-level to high-level. (refinement level range: 1 - 5) and then:. Note that refinement level is not REQUIRED (default is 1). So, you could just enter the weapon name and then :. Then enter low level and high level, separated by -. Alternative/Informal name of weapons are supported. (Still most of them haha). All levels (1 - 90) are supported. All weapons(star 1 - 5) are supported.
    • Example (wolf’s gravestone, refinement level 2 - 5, 36 - 68): /weaponcalc wolf's gravestone(2-5): 36 - 68
    • Example (WGS, informal abbrev. for wolf’s gravestone, no refinement, 36 - 68): /weaponcalc WGS: 36 - 68
  • talentcalc & 天赋计算: Calculate the talent needed mora and ascension materials. Enter the name of the role first and then :, Then enter the skill that you want to check (it could be at least 1 skill. It could also be multiple skills separated by ,) The skill (A means normal attack, E means elemental skill, Q means elemental burst) should be followed by =, And after = is the low-level - high level that you want to check for this skill. All levels 1 - 10 are supported.
    • A little bit complicated. But really nice to use. I will show you several examples for demonstration :-)
    • Example (diluc, only want to check elemental skill from lv. 2 to lv. 8): /talentcalc diluc:E=2-8
    • Example (eula, normal attack 1 - 6, elemental burst 1 - 9): /talentcalc eula: A= 1-6, Q = 1 - 9 (spaces are fine with Qiqi Bot)
    • Example (xingqiu, normal attack 1 - 6, elemental skill 2 - 9, elemental burst 3 - 10): /talentcalc xingqiu: A = 1 - 6, E = 2 - 9, Q = 3 - 10
  • material & 材料: Show the information about this specific genshin impact material. (Currently supported all the materials related to characters and weapons).
    • Example(philosophy of freedom): /material philosophy of freedom
  • allroles & 所有角色: show all the characters that Qiqi supports at this moment! You could check roles with a specific element also by input the element after this command.
    • Example(all characters): /allroles
    • Example(cryo characters): /allroles cryo
  • allweapons & 所有武器: show all the weapons that Qiqi supports at this moment! You could check weapons with a specific stars or weapon type.
    • Example(all weapons): /allweapons
    • Example(4-star weapons): /allweapons 4
    • Example(catalyst weapons): /allweapons catalyst
  • allmaterials & 所有材料: show all the materials that Qiqi supports at this moment! You could view weapon with a specific category (optional): (talent materials | weapon_materials | character materials | enemies | common enemies | elite enemies | normal boss materials | weekly boss drops | local specialities)
    • Example: /allmaterials
    • Example(character materials): /allmaterials character materials
  • wishes & 祈愿: show the current wishes opened in Genshin Impact!
    • Example: /wishes

Music Commands

Music commands are new to Qiqi Bot. It can play the music by YouTube video by url/keywords, Bilibili video by url/keywords, and Netease music by url/keywords . If you search the music by keywords, Qiqi will return you 5 choices for you to choose. Isn’t that nice?
Something nicer is that Qiqi now supports to load your custom playlist from mystb.in website. So you can choose your tracks from YouTube, Bilibili, and Netease in a single playlist! (Check out Music Custom Playlist)

  • play: Qiqi will join your voice channel and play the music. You can directly play:
    • YouTube video url or search by keywords:
      • Example(YouTube by url): /play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWRsgZuwf_8 (<u>please don’t forget the https:// for url</u>)
      • Example(YouTube by keywords): /play demons imagine dragons and Qiqi will return your 5 choices. Then you could simply enter number 1-5 to choose the track (You don’t need to enter play again for choosing).
    • bilibili video ONLY by url or video id (av or bv):
      • Example(Bilibili by url): /play https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV18X4y1N7Yh
      • Example(Bilibili by video-id): /play BV18X4y1N7Yh
    • netease music ONLY by url
      • Example: /play https://music.163.com/#/song?id=1807381939
  • bilibili: Qiqi will play bilibili video by direct URL/aid/bvid or searching keywords.
    • Example(Bilibili by url): /bilibili https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV18X4y1N7Yh
    • Example(Bilibili by aid/bvid): /bilibili BV18X4y1N7Yh
    • Example(Bilibili by keywords): /bilibili Never gonna give you up
  • netease: Qiqi will play netease music by direct URL or searching keywords.
    • Example(Netease music by url): /netease https://music.163.com/#/song?id=1807381939
    • Example(Netease music by keywords): /netease Never gonna give you up
  • neteaseplaylist: Qiqi will play netease playlist by direct URL or searching keywords.
    • Example(Netease playlist by url): /neteaseplaylist https://music.163.com/#/playlist?id=5328007337
    • Example(Netease playlist by keywords): /neteaseplaylist rick roll
  • neteaseuser: Qiqi will search the netease user profile by direct URL or keywords. You can also click on playlist button to see the user’s playlist.
    • Example(Netease user by url): /neteaseuser https://music.163.com/#/user/home?id=1321189664
    • Example(Netease user by keywords): /neteaseuser hoyo-mix
  • mynetease: Qiqi will have two kinds of response based on your command: information/profile of “linked” netease user or “link” a netease user for you. <u>This only tells Qiqi the netease user you want to set to. This doesn’t mean to login to your netease account so Qiqi will never ask you for password.</u> Therefore, it could be any netease user basically.
    • Example(Set a netease user by homepage url): /mynetease https://music.163.com/#/user/home?id=1321189664
    • Example(Set a netease user by searching name): /mynetease hoyo-mix
    • Example(check my “linked” netease user profile): /mynetease
  • playmynetease: Qiqi will play the number specified playlist based on your “linked” netease user (set by /mynetease <user>). You can always check the playlist number by /mynetease and click playlist button.
    • Example(Play playlist number 3 of my “linked” user, if applicable): /playmynetease 3
  • newsongs: Qiqi will show the new songs released on Netease based on specified region: Chinese, EU & America, Japanese, Korean
    • Example(New songs in EU & America): /newsongs EU & America
  • join: Qiqi will join your voice channel.
    • Example: /join
  • leave: Qiqi will leave your voice channel.
    • Example: /leave
  • pause: Qiqi will pause the music if it is playing at this moment.
    • Example: /pause
  • unpause: Qiqi will unpause the music if it is paused.
    • Example: /unpause
  • stop: Qiqi will remove all tracks in the queue and leave the voice channel.
    • Example: /stop
  • skip: Qiqi will skip the track(s) by 4 different ways.
    • Example(skip the current playing one): /skip
    • Example(skip the specific nth track, n is a number): /skip n
    • Example(skip the specific range of tracks, x & y are numbers): /skip x-y
    • Example(skip all the tracks queued by a specific user): /skip @user
  • queue: Qiqi will show you the current queue or search positions of a song
    • Example: /queue
  • jump: Qiqi will jump your selected song to the top one in the waitlist. By using the number of the selected song in the queue to jump the song.
    • If there is no song playing, Qiqi will jump the song to the #1. Otherwise, Qiqi will jump the song to #2, which will be played next after the currently playing one.
    • Example: /jump 5 (jump #5 song in the queue to the top one in the waitlist)
  • shuffle: Qiqi will shuffle the all songs (except currently playing one if applicable) in the queue. (Mechanism similar to function jump)
    • Example: /shuffle
  • repeat: Qiqi can repeat a the current playing track(s) (song(s)) for you. If the bot is not playing at this moment, Qiqi will set the first song in the queue to be repeated. You could also turn the repeat off by this command.
    • Example(repeat a single song): /repeat single
    • Example(repeat off): /repeat off
    • Example(repeat all the queue): /repeat all
  • nowplaying: Qiqi will show the information about the now-playing track.
    • Example: /nowplaying
  • history: Qiqi will show you the history tracks from your server. At this stage, Qiqi supports at most 50 history tracks info for each server.
    • Example: /history
  • playhistory: Qiqi will play the song in your history list by giving the number of that track. So you don’t need to search keywords or copy url again if this track is played recently! If you forgot the number of the track in history list. You could proceed /history first.
    • Example(play the track with number 8 in history list): /playhistory 8
  • seek: Seek the position of the current playing song by the time specified. Qiqi supports 3 formats of time: number of seconds, MM:SS, HH:MM:SS. (Note that if the time specified is longer than the total duration of the song, Qiqi will seek the last second of the song)
    • Example (These 3 ways mean the same): /seek 100 OR /seek 1:40 OR /seek 0:01:40
  • More music commands on Qiqi Bot Documentation site!!!
Music Custom Playlist

To design your custom playlist, there are 5 steps you need to follow!

  1. you need to go to mystb.in to create your playlist.
  2. You need to paste your music url one for each line. There should not be anything else except the music url. Both website (Bilibili and YouTube) are supported and you can mix them in one playlist!
  3. After you finished creating the playlist, you click the “Quick Save” button.
  4. Check the url area of your browser. After the quick save, mystb.in will give you a permanent link to your playlist.
  5. Use /playcp to play this custom playlist or /savecp to save your playlist by Qiqi.

Important fact

  • Qiqi can save 5 playlists url for each server! Then you can use /playcp command to play with saved playlist number. For example(play stored playlist 3): /playcp 3
  • Each playlist should have no more than 30 songs.
  • Loading playlists might take time. Qiqi will start playing the first one while loading the rest of songs. Be a little bit patient. Qiqi is trying her best!
  • When you call /savecp command, you need to give a short name to help yourself to remember what this playlist url is about.
  • You could remember cp as the abbreviation of “custom playlist”. This can help you remember the shorter form of commands.


  • playcp: Qiqi will play the specified custom playlist from mystb.in. You can use this command to directly play the url of the playlist or you can type number to play the “stored custom playlist”. (Check on https://www.botqiqi.com for more instructions of how to create custom playlist on mystb.in)
    • Example(play mystb.in url directly): /playcp https://mystb.in/HeartHillInteger.less
    • Example(play saved custom playlist 3): /playcp 3
  • savecp: Qiqi will save your given playlist url. With this functionality, you don’t need to remember your custom playlist url anymore, Qiqi will do this part for you. You need to first provide the url then provide a short name for this playlist (no more than 16 characters). You can view your saved playlist by /viewcp command. If there are already 5 playlists (maximum for each server), Qiqi will ask you to replace your new playlist to a older one by giving a number between 1-5
    • Example(save my playlist url with name “Rickroll”): /savecp https://mystb.in/HeartHillInteger.less Rickroll
  • viewcp: Qiqi will show all your saved playlist to you!
    • Example: /viewcp
  • deletecp: Qiqi will delete your specified custom playlist among saved playlists. You could specify a number or you could type “all” to delete all saved playlists.
    • Example(delete saved playlist 4): /deletecp 4
    • Example(delete all saved playlists): /deletecp all
Music Favorites

Qiqi Bot can remember your own favorite tracks and you could play them cross-server. There’s a 30 songs maximum for you. Also, you could export it to mystb.in to make it a custom playlist.

​ Fun commands are open to everyone in the server except the muted users. All the user commands have no restricted permissions. More commands are coming soon. And please contact me to brainstorm more ideas. Check out Qiqi documentation site for all these cool commands! Have fun~

Check more commands on Qiqi Documentation Site: Documentation Site

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.