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Quartz is a brand new, easy to use free moderation bot for your discord server.

Quartz is a moderation discord bot with only one goal: making moderating a discord server easy and free. So we have spent a long time creating a discord bot who can help you with this.

Quartz offers a lot of features. From moderating to commands to entertain your users in the discord.

Quartz offers multiple moderation commands, here are a few examples:
/ban - Ban a user from the server
/kick - Kick a user from the server
/warn - Give an user a warning
/clearwarns - Clear all the warns from an user
/tempmute - Mute a user for a certain amount of time
/lock - Lock a channel
/unlock - Unlock a channel

Warning! Some features are still in development (like the welcome feature)

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.