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QwertyBot is a general purpose bot that features many commands and is fully configurable within discord. Suggestions welcome!
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Username Moderation (namemoderation)


QwertyBot is a general purpose bot that features many commands and is fully configurable within discord. Feature suggestions are welcomed onboard and are most likely to be added to the bot. If your suggestion is good and ends up being featured you will get a custom “Feature Suggester” role within the community discord.


QwertyBot comes with many useful features ranging from Moderation to Music such as the ability to Kick/Ban members or completely lock channels down from public viewing, this feature can help contain a mess that has happened in a channel such as spamming etc. Using this feature it enables you to clean the mess up and or keep the channel from public viewing until safe to unlock it. With the music functions of the bot you don’t have to input links when searching/playing a video, you can simply enter a few key words from the title and the bot should be able to find the video you want based off of that. The bot also features playlist support with a current max size of 50 songs, if the playlist is more than 50 songs then the bot will just add 50 songs from the playlist instead of queueing them all up, this may be subject to change.


We have a community/support discord server which means if you’re there you don’t need to be there to receive support, you can hang out there and listen to music and or find others who are into the same games as you, the possibilities are endless. If you are there to receive support we have a dedicated channel with members who who are willing to take their time and help you with any questions or difficulties you may be having with the bot. If you have any feature suggestions and or any bugs to report, you can DM the bot to submit these by using the ;suggest command or the ;bug command, these send the suggestion/bug straight to us so we can check it out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add QwertyBot Discord Bot to my server?

You can add QwertyBot to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add QwertyBot Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: ; (Customizable)
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