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A multipurpose bot designed for Rainbow Six: Siege competitive players

R6RC (Rainbow Six Rank Calculator)
The R6RC bot allows users to calculate how many games they have to win or lose to attain their self-set goal.

This bot is online 24/7 and will respond to both direct messages and messages in servers.

You can join our Discord if you have any questions or concerns. We have plenty of moderators open for questions.

Bot Command List:

!help: displays all available commands

!info: displays information about the R6RC bot among other things

!app: gives the user a link to the direct download for the R6RC desktop application

!calc: calculates the number of matches a user has to win or lose to reach their goal

!list: gives the user a link to all of the ranks and their respective MMR values

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.