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A cute lil Raccoon what does everything a guild needs! Music, Moderation, utility, fun and more!
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Raccoonbot is a multi-purpose all round serviced bot. Ranging from Moderation to Music to Fun and a lot more!

-------A little bit about Raccoonbot-------

Raccoonbot is a one of a kind unique bot for your server! With 24/7 Uptime, apart from updates, we can ensure you that this little bot won’t stray far from you! We host on a linux server souley dedicated to the bot. With a low ping ranging from 100ms to 300ms you’ll rarely encounter service errors.

-------Our commands-------

This bot includes a full range of commands for fun and safety for your server!

Fun: This bot has over 35+ Fun commands which are constantly being updated to keep your server as happy as can be! This can go from 8ball , to our own unique Life simulator game!

Moderation: This bot has all round moderation commands from Kicking, banning to pruning messages and muting members. This bot will keep your server safe and sound from any mean members!

Utility: This bots utility includes a range of maths calculations, steam + youtube searches and even vote commands to make your server as optimized as possible!

Music: Our music command is run off the latest and greatest Lavalink player, to ensure there are only a few, if any, gaps in your listening experience!

-------Why add Raccoonbot to my server?-------

Raccoonbot is a small little bot which offers a big range of services for free! There is no “premium” feature although we do have a patreon if you would like to support us


Use the command ~supportserver and reach out to me! Thanks for reading about RaccoonBot!

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