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A bot to manage raids/events for MMORPG's
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Raid Organizer

This is a bot from MMORPG players, for MMORPG players.{style=“text-align:center;”}

NOTE: for easy setup we suggest you enable private messages. It is not needed of course… but it may help you.


A guild colleague and I created this bot to provide our guild an easy way to sign up for raids and events without using an external program/homepage… and now we want to share it with you guys! :)

This bot allows you to:

  • Create and manage events/raids inside discord. Your guild mates can join them and you and your organizers can manage them.
  • Create events that repeat every week. Set it up once, let it run forever :)
  • Create your own event templates (use emojis of your choice and group them who you want!)
  • And more.

Some Features:

  • Possibility to create new custom templates with custom emojis to meet your needs!
  • Export your cool templates and share it with other users! You can also import other cool templates from other users!
  • Choose how clean you want your channel! By default every message (except event messages) are deleted. You can modify it from “delete everything” to “delete nothing”.
  • Let users receive messages when you confirm them.
  • Let you and your organizers receive messages when a user unconfirmed himself.
  • Multi channel support to organize different raid groups in one guild.
  • Save the event + date & time in your google calender with one click.
  • Setup an “LFG” channel where all your users are allowed to create and manage their own events! This is a nice way to let them organize their own LFG dungeons
  • And much more.

Set up the bot:

The set up is easy. When you invite the bot to your server you will get a private message which guides you through the set up process.
If you missed that, you basically need to use 1 command and the bot is ready to use!

  • !setup_channel [channel type] [organizer_role] [user_role] or !setup_channel to get guided through the process.

Channels of the type “event”:

  • Users that have the @organizer_role are allowed to manage events (create, remove, rename, etc. them). Normally guild leaders and officould have that role.
  • Users that have the @user_role are allowed to sign up for events. Everyone you want to be able to join your events should have that rou can also use @everyone

Channels of the type “lfg”:

  • Users with @organizer_role are still able to do all the above. They akt as kind of “mods” here.
  • Users with the @user_role have (in addition to be able to sign up for events) the ability to create and manage their own events.

NOTE: don’t worry. You can change the @organizer_role or @user_role later on.</p>

Manage events and raids<

From now on you can manage events in the event channel. Therefore you have the following commands:

  • !create title date description

    • Title/Description: If your title is a string, put it under double (") quotes.
    • Date: The standard date format is YYYY-MM-DD. You can change the format by using !change_date_format.
    • Description: This field is optional. You can also create an event with just !create "Raiding party" 2020-01-01
    • NOTE: You can use !create to get guided through the creation process
    • NOTE for advanced users: You can use !create --advanced to use the advanced creation options without using the interactive mode.
  • !edit event_id field new_value

    • event_id: This is the number on the bottom of the event. In the screenshot above it would be 55
    • Field: This can be title, date, description, etc… depending on what you want to edit. Enter !help edit to get all options.
    • new_value: The new value you want to put in there.
  • !remove event_id

    • event_id: This is the number on the bottom of the event. In the screenshot above it would be 55
    • !confirm event_id user1 user2 ... // !unconfirm event_id user1 user2 ...
    • event_id: This is the number on the bottom of the event. In the screenshot above it would be 55
    • userX: The user you want to confirm. You can either enter the name which is shown in the embed (don’t forget the quotes if the user has a space in his name) or you can mention the user with “@”. Example: !confirm 55 @user1 @user2

Create custom templates


We provide 3 standard templates for you and your server. Those are:

Simple standard template More advanced template Simple attendance check
simple_std advanced_std attendance_check

But you can also create custom templates. For creating and managing your templates you can use the following commands:

  • !list_templates to receive a list of available templates
  • !create_template to create a new custom template. IMPORTANT: for this you need to be able to receive private messages from a bot!
  • !remove_template to remove a custom template. Default templates can not be deleted.
  • !edit_template to edit a given custom template.
  • !set_default_template to set a new default template for an event channel. Every new created event in that channel will use this template.

Here are a couple of templates which were made by the community:

Share and find templates:

You can join our discord server to share (!export_template) and find (import_template) custom templates!

Further information

This are the basics. The bot offers some more features. For a detailed list of commands, enter !help or visit the help section on our website.
You can also enter !help command (example !help create) to get more help about a command.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.