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Pulls random images from Derpibooru for your Discord server's enjoyment.
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Randibooru is a simple bot which allows users to fetch images from the Derpibooru pony image board.

Information about the bot can be found by using the help and info commands. All commands should be prefixed with !rb or a mention to the bot. A brief summary of some of the features may be found below.


While the name implies randomness, Randi has evolved beyond simple random image fetching. Currently, Randibooru supports 4 Derpibooru image-fetching commands:


  • first: Fetches the first image uploaded to Derpibooru matching the given query
  • latest: Fetches the most recent image uploaded to Derpibooru matching the query
  • random: Fetches a random image matching the given query
  • top: Fetches the highest-rated image matching the given query

All queries are passed directly to Derpibooru, and use their search syntax. Replies are sent as a rich embed, which requires link previews to be enabled both in the server settings and on your client.

Commands may be run in servers, or in a DM. In servers, NSFW images will only be sent to channels marked NSFW, and in DMs the NSFW filter is always used.

For users, this is all you need to know. However…

Moderators/Server Owners

Randibooru is configuarable! If you don’t like the way she operates, you’re free to mess with her settings to your heart’s content.


Filters are a way to limit the tags users can find images matching. These are another Derpibooru feature which have been directly implemented into the bot. To change the default filters, use the filter command.

The structure for the filter command is: filter <key> [<type>], where key is the numeric ID for the filter (a list of default filters can be obtained here), which can be found after /filters/ in the URL bar, and type is either SFW or NSFW to denote which filter you want to set.

The SFW filter will be used in most channels. By default, this is set to Derpibooru’s Default filter, which is suitable for most servers. It hides “non-art” content, and anything that would be considered explicit.

The NSFW filter will be used in NSFW-marked channels. By default, this is set to Derpibooru’s Everything filter, which may be a little extreme for some servers. It is recommended that you choose a more suitable filter for this by default, or optionally create your own if none of the defaults are to your needs.

Filters may only be set by the users with the Manage Channels permission.


You can block problematic users by using the block command. This prevents the bot from acknowledging any Derpibooru image requests, and can be useful for people that spam obscene images. This was mostly useful before filters were implemented, but may still prove useful if someone is overusing the bot.

To unblock a user, use the unblock command.

Blocks may only be put in place by users with the Manage Messages permission.

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