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Randum. is a simple bot that has multiple commands to receive random results.
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Randum. The discord bot for endless entertainment and randomness

Randum is a simple yet fun discord bot which has commands to get random results. Use this bot for inspiration, just boredom, or whatever you want to do with it. It doesn’t have much use besides this, But its good at the things it does do.
All commands:

help: Lists all commands
image: Shows a random image
quote: Gets a random quote
word: Gets a random word
letter: Gets a random letter (don’t know why you would want that though)
activity: A random activity for you to do although you probably won’t
advice: just random stuff that probably won’t help you
cat fact: Facts… about cats
cat: What do you expect
dog: random picture of a cat maybe?
dadjoke: just a random joke but its bad
person: Information about a made up person.
yesorno: yes? Or… no?
number: Gets a random number
fact: Something probably not even interesting
poem: Bet you won’t actually read it
trump: Something trump would say
wiki: Random wikipedia
website: The most random websites
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