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ROBLOX bot which shows you inventory, friends, catalog items, user ID, and many many more! Invite your bot and feel free to upvote for more commands!

This bot has alot of commands which includes ROBLOX game! Currently it’s new and hope you to hear some bugs and suggestions!
For now, bot has 10 commands. I will add more commands soon!
Current commands:
#user {id} - sends you a link with id you sent!
#name {name} - sends you a link with name you sent!
#music {music_name} - sends you a link with list you sent!
#roblox - shows you info about ROBLOX!
#totalppl - shows you total registered accounts in ROBLOX!
#friends {id} - sends you a id’s list of friends!
#game {name} - sends you a link with list you sent!
#catalog {name} - finds you an item you wrote!
#help - sends you commands!
#rbxstats - shows you about the bot!

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Prefix: #
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Xigsaw#7754
Short link: discord.ly/rbxstats