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Full RECOUNT Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Moderation commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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RECOUNT Discord Bot Described:

A counting Bot which comes with Moderations and Fun commands. A all in one bot for your server.


amiadmin Are you an admin?

dm DM the user of your choice

load Loads an extension.

reboot Reboot the bot

reload Reloads an extension.

reloadall Reloads all extensions.

reloadutils Reloads a utils module.

unload Unloads an extension.


avatar Get the avatar of you or someone else

joinedat Check when a user joined the current server

mods Check which mods are online on current guild

roles Get all roles in current server

server Check info about current server

user Get user information


decode All decode methods

encode All encode methods


beer Give someone a beer! 🍻

birb Posts a random birb

cat Posts a random cat

coffee Posts a random coffee

coinflip Coinflip!

colour View the colour HEX details

dog Posts a random dog

duck Posts a random duck

eightball Consult 8ball to receive an answer

f Press F to pay respect

hotcalc Returns a random percent for how hot is a discord user

noticeme Notice me senpai! owo

password Generates a random password string for you

rate Rates what you desire

reverse !poow ,ffuts esreveR

slot Roll the slot machine

supreme Make a fake Supreme logo

urban Find the ‘best’ definition to your words


about About the bot

botserver Get an invite to our support server!

invite Invite me to your server

ping Pong!


announcerole Makes a role mentionable and removes it whenever you mention t…

ban Bans a user from the current server.

find Finds a user within your search term

kick Kicks a user from the current server.

massban Mass bans multiple members from the server.

mute Mutes a user from the current server.

nickname Nicknames a user from the current server.

prune Removes messages from the current server.

unban Unbans a user from the current server.

unmute Unmutes a user from the current server.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add RECOUNT Discord Bot to my server?

You can add RECOUNT to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add RECOUNT Discord Bot' on this page.

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