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A bot for retrieving posts from any subreddit (e.g: r/memes, r/facepalm, r/me_irl ). Great for memes and other reddit content.
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Reddit Droid

What is it?

A bot for retrieving posts from your favourite subreddits!

  • Great for keeping servers interactive and busy.

  • Getting bored? Try out r/memes

  • Feeling stupid? Check out r/facepalm

  • Looking for one of your favourite subreddits? This bot’s got it all covered!

How to use it?

  • Type in r/<subreddit_name> to retrieve a post from that subreddit. E.g: r/memes, r/me_irl, r/wallpaper, r/rareinsults

  • Type in u/username to get information on a user


  • Includes an NSFW filter to keep standard channels clean, NSFW posts are only accessible in NSFW channels.
  • Can fetch posts from any subreddit.
  • 24/7 uptime for non-stop requests.

Subreddits Available

ALL, no questions asked.

Subreddits to try out

Can’t find the right sub for you? Here are some great starting points:

  • r/memes
  • r/dankmemes
  • r/cursedcomments
  • r/rareinsults
  • r/facepalm
  • r/dog
  • r/cat
  • r/wallpaper
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.