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Just a random bot with random commands to use for fun! :P
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Reggie Fils-Aimé is just a random bot with random commands to use for fun nothing else I have to say about it lol :P

The command prefix is r!

Full list of commands:


  • 8ball [text] ― Ask the 8 ball a question.
  • rps ― Play Rock,Paper,Scissors with me.
  • youtube [text] ― Searches youtube and posts the first result.
  • trumptweet [text] ― Create a trump tweet.
  • cat ― Gets a random cat image.
  • dog ― Gets a random dog image.
  • neko ― Gets a random Neko girl.
  • say [message] ― Make bot say what you want also deletes the command message.
  • summon ― Summon a random person from Nintendo.
  • slap [@user] ― Slaps the mentioned user.
  • flipcoin ― Returns “Heads” or “Tails”.
  • gennumber [min] [max] ― Returns a random number.
  • fact ― Gives a random fact.
  • avatar [@user] ― Gets the avatar of the mentioned user.
  • invert [@user] ― Adds Invert effect to the avatar of the mentioned user.
  • gray [@user] ― Adds grayscale effect to the avatar of the mentioned user.
  • notrans [@user] ― Removes transparency from the avatar of the mentioned user.
  • poke [@user] ― Need to get a hold of someone just give them a good poke.
  • kiss [@user] ― Give someone a kiss.
  • hug [@user] ― Give someone a hug.
  • trump ― Gives a random Trump quote.


  • lewdneko ― Gets a random NSFW Neko girl. (Only works in NSFW channels)


  • help ― Makes bot post the commands.
  • uptime ― Get the bot uptime in different types of time measurement.
  • clear [number] ― Delete the number of messages specified. (Server Owner)
  • userinfo ― Displays the user’s information.
  • channelinfo ― Displays the channel’s information.
  • roleinfo [role-name] ― Displays information for the role.
  • botinfo ― Displays information about the bot.
  • weather [city or zip code] ― Displays weather information.
  • discordstatus ― Displays the status of discord.
  • twitch [username] ― Shares a link to the twitch channel of the provided username.
  • indigo [username] ― Shares a link to the indigo profile of the provided username.
  • amiibo [character] ― Searches AmiiboAPI for the amiibo character specified.
  • splat [regular,rank,league, or salmon] ― Displays the current modes and stages in Splatoon 2.
  • pewds ― The most useful command it reminds the user to sub to PewDiePie.
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