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A free premium music-bot for Discord, that does so much more than just music.
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Renos is a music bot created by Shxdow to give people the features they want without having to pay for it, this bot contains all the basic features every other music bot has, and some premium features from bots like Groovy or Rythym for completely free.

SOONER or later, this bot won’t just be for music, it will hopefully be a all in one bot hence the administartor permissions it needs, but if you’re still unsure you can block the perms but the bot may not function properly in future updates!


The commands are hosted at the link below, you can also run r!help for commands!


I will try to add more music providers like Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, and even more.
I will also play around with adding some more fun commands before starting the moderator phase.

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