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Cross-Server Reputation Bot. Know who you're talking to before the first "Hello"!

Know who you’re dealing with before the first “Hello”.

Repcord is a simple, cross-server reputation bot that aims at keeping users safe, and at keeping the bad guys at bay. When a new user joins your server, you can quickly check their reputation to see if they are a scammer, a creep or just a nice person! The data fueling this bot is fueled by users, so be sure to rep people that you encounter!

::rep help
  • Displays help regarding the bot and it’s commands
::rep @user [+/-] [a short comment]
  • Lets you give positive or negative reputation to another user
  • Example: ::rep @Patrity#0001 + Thanks for making Repcord!
::rep check @user
  • Displays a summary about the user and provides a link to view detailed information
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.