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Created by: SpikyZA#0001
Short link: discord.ly/report
Report is a multipurpose utility bot that provides reporting functions directly in your Discord


Report is a multipurpose utility bot that’s main function is to provide a Report functionality in your server


  1. Invite the bot into your server
  2. All you have to do, is do r!reportchannel #name with name being the name of the channel. Ensure that you have tagged the channel correctly
  3. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. It’s all setup

There are 2 types of reports, silent and normal

Silent is when you do not want anybody to know that you reported something, it does not provide the confirmation of submission. You can use r!sreport [message]
Eg: s!sreport There is constant spam in this channel

Normal is just a normal report, with a confirmation that you logged a report. You can use r!report [message]
Eg: r!report There is spam


Report has some basic moderation commands, such as ban and kick.

Ban is pretty straight forward, r!ban [user] [reason]. The bot will automatically send the banned user a message saying that they have been banned and provides the banned user with the reason they were banned.

Kicks is pretty straight forward, r!kick [user] [reason]. The bot will also automatically send the kicked user a message saying that they were kicked and provides the kicked user with the reason they were kicked.


There are also normal commands like !serverinfo and !userinfo. There will be more to come in the future

View the FAQs here