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The perfect music bot! Feature-rich with high-quality music!
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Reverb's features:

• Unlimited use of audio filters
• Easy to use
• Easy configuration
• Autoplay
• 24/7 music
• Highly configurable
• YouTube and YouTube Music
• Spotify
• Remove duplicates tracks
• Supports Stage Channels

Reverb's command list:



Custom Playlists

create, delete, info, list, load, removetrack, savecurrent, savequeue


8d, bassboost, nightcore, pitch, bass, distort, equalizer, speed, vaporwave


24/7, clearqueue, filters, grab, join, leave, loop, nowplaying, pause, play, queue, remove, resume, search, seek, shuffle, skip, skipto, stop, volume


about, help, invite, node, ping, stats

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