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A cool multi purpose bot with features such as animals, moderation, fun and lots more!
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  • RO Bot is a multi purpose bot with many features such as moderation, autorole, animal commands, info commands and more!
    – The project is being updated almost every day! –


Why are there paid perks? RO’s hosting costs money. We have to keep paid perks otherwise we can not pay for the servers RO runs on.

How can I buy premium? You can buy premium at https://patreon.com/discordbotro :)

BOT PREFIX: Our default prefix is “.” for example .aww

You can change the prefix by doing the command .prefix {New Prefix} for example: .prefix !.

We work really hard on this bot constantly, we aren’t just doing this for money (not like we get much yet anyway) as all money will be going into hosting.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.