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Ever wanted to roast the living hell out of someone on discord? Well now its easier then ever with Roast-Bot.
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Roast-Bot is a discord bot make with discord.js and hosted on AWS

100 Roasts, almost 300 Memes, Roast-Bot has everything you need to roast the hell out of people in your discord server.

Roast-Bot Commands:

  • r!help: List of Roast-Bot Commands.

  • r!bot: Learn more about Roast-Bot.

  • r!roast @USER, r!roast, or r!roast #roastNumber: Generate a random roast with the number of roast it was.

  • r!invite: Link to invite Roast-Bot to a server.

  • r!server: Info about your server.

  • r!meme, or r!meme #memeNumber: Sends a meme to the current channel.

  • r!clear NUMBER: Choose how many messages you want to delete. Max is 100. To use this command Roast-Bot needs to given Manage Messages permissions.

  • r!say: To use this command use r!say and then what you want Roast-Bot to say.

  • r!urban whatToSearch: Search up anything on the Urban Dictionary! Please be aware r!urban is still in Beta.

Roast-Bot Utilities:

  • Custom Prefix: If you don’t like Roast-Bot’s prefix(r!) you can change it to anything you want by using r!prefix <newPrefix>. To view your prefix use r!prefix. The prefix by default is r!.

  • XP-System: Everytime you use a Roast-Bot command your XP increases! Use r!level to check your level and XP! Level 1: 0-9XP, Level 2: 10XP, Level 3: 15XP, Level 4: 25XP Level 5: 50XP, Level 6: 100XP, Level 7: 200XP, Level 8: 500XP, Level 9: 1,000XP, Level 10: 10,000XP

Still Need Help, Have Questions, or Feedback?

Join the Roast-Bot Development Server:

Commands Coming Soon:
Custom Roasts,
Custom Memes,
More Roasts,
More Memes,
and more!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.