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Prefix: $=
Created by: Paradise#7296
Short link: discord.ly/roombot-7168
A single purpose bot, that made to let your user base create and join rooms with / without password and hang in them with their friends
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with RoomBot, you can push the limit of your server social system. Roombot is a multiserver bot created by Paradise#7296, whitch his purpose is to create rooms with or without password, including custom categories and voice channels. I created RoomBot as a fun project, to get people together, and allow them to create smaller communities, which there they can talk, chat, leave, join and at the end close the room. to keep all the rooms moderate, everyone with the admin permission at the server can see all of the rooms, and delete every room they want. to keep the server without spam, everyone is allowed to open only one room at once, which means that people can’t spam new rooms at your server. RoomBot has a lot more features, and you are more than welcome to invite it to you server and explore by your self! note : RoomBot is complitly free! so you get everything that RoomBot has to offer!