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Add Rovolution Bot to your Discord server and use its Roblox verification and role management commands. Get started with Rovolution Discord Bot now!

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Rovolution Discord Bot Described:

Rovolution is a simple Roblox to Discord verification and role management bot.

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Why use Rovolution?
  1. Rovolution is a simple easy to use roblox to discord integration tool, it lets moderators pick a role in a roblox group and assign it to a discord role, so anyone with the group role will receive the Discord Role.
  2. Rovolution is linked with the RoVer database and has uses of its own so it has over 3 million verified members, chances are you community is already verified.
  3. Our bot has a ping of about 20ms and a uptime of 99.996% making it incredibly reliable to use.
  4. Rovolution has a incredibly active support team and Data Security team, check out the support server to make a Data Delection Request, a Security Related issues, bug or just General Support.
  5. The bot is 100% Free, we have no intention is make the bot paid and you have full access to every command, one day we may need to ask for donations to pay for server infrastructure but we believe every user should get the same experience. There is no role bind limits and never will be.
  6. Automatically updates user nicknames to their Roblox username so you know who everyone is.

How to use Rovolution

Now you have heard how great Rovolution is, how do you use it?

Quick Installation

Quickly get Rovolution working as a server defender in your group.

  1. Download the bot using the link above.
  2. Next step give yourself the Database Manager Role so you can edit Rovolution Server Configs
  3. Run !verifyChannel #tagchannel Make sure you take the channel corectly. You don’t have to run this command, however people will be able to verify anywhere, and people won’t get Auto Verified so we recommend running this command.
  4. The bot will work now and Auto Verify will be on so anyone joining who has verified with Rovolution or RoVer will get the Role Verified.
  5. You can setup the role Verified and change its perms so you need to verified role to talk, effectively making a server verification guard. You can change the role Verified permissions and colours, just don’t change the name (same for Bot Bypass and Database Manager.
  6. To turn off Auto Verification please see the command list below (!autoVerify)
Customising the bot

Now the bot is working lets attach some roles to our group.

  1. Make sure you have the role Database Manager as this will be required.
  2. Run the bind command, example !bind @tagrole GroupId RankId for more on how to use the command see the list below, and if you have any problems make a support query in the support server.
  3. Test out the bot but remmeber !verify and !getroles only work in the channel you set for verification earlier.
If the bot isn’t replying check that it can view the channel you are messaging in and that it has permission to talk there!

Please see below for full command list.

Basic Commands
Verify Command:

Both these commands will update nickname and change roles, of the person who sent the message. The bot will only respond if in the designated channel, endless the verify channel hasn’t been specified then the command can be used anywhere. If you have the role BotBypass then you can’t use the verify command or be updated by moderators, you can use this as a away to mute people and prevent them getting there roles back. Your nickname will also be changed to your Roblox Nickname

Help Command:

Relays the bot command information.

Status Command:

Shows stats about the bot.

Uptime Command:

Shows the uptime for the bot.


Shows the change log for the bot.


Show your bot shards current version (mostly for debugging with engineers).

Administrator Commands

All these commands require Database Manager role to run.

Bind Command:
!bind @tagrole Groupid rankid

Example Usage:

!bind @Member 12 1-255
!bind @Member 12 1

This command physically binds a Roblox group role to a Discord role, this command can either except a range or a single rank, make sure your Roblox Group roles all have different ranks or the bot won’t work.

Remove Binds:

This is a irreversible action if you have made a mistake when binding, it will clear all binds. If you have lots of binds and don’t want to lose them all then make a #general-support query in the support server.

Verify Channel:
!verifyChannel #tagchannel

Example usage

!verifyChannel #verify

You will need to make a channel or use a already existing channel make sure to correctly tag it. This will lock all !verify and !getroles commands to that channel and it will also send a welcome message and autorole them on join.

Verify Status:
!verifystatus @taguser

Example Usage:

!verifystatus @GeraldisNice

This will give moderators basic info on the user to help crack down on alts, make sure to correctly tag the user you wish to receive data on.

Update User:

Example usage

!update @taguser

Example Usage:

!update @GeraldisNice

Allows moderators to forcibly update a users, as if they have run the !verify or !getroles command. This can be run in any channel but make sure to tag the user.

Bulk Delete Messages:

Example usage

!delete (number between 1-100)

Example Usage:

!delete 20

Allows moderators to bulk delete spam messages especially in raids.

Auto Verification:

Example usage


Toggles auto verification on join.

Welcome Dm:

Example usage

!welcomedm (message)


!welcomedm Welcome to my amazing server.

Sends a direct message to a user on join.

Clear Welcome:

Example usage


Removes the welcome message on join.


Example usage


Toggle the message in the server on a new member joining.

Welcome Message:

Example usage

!welcomemessage (message)


!welcomemessage Welcome to my awesome server.

Change the default message in the #verify channel (the one you set up earlier).


Example usage


Display current Rolebinds information.

Remove RoleBingings:

Example usage

!removebinds @ragrole


!removebinds @member

Allows database Managers to remove server bindings follow the messages and react to choose the correct role to remove.

Important Information

To make full use of the bot make sure to run the !verifyChannel #channel command to allow auto verification and welcoming on join.

If you accidently kick the bot and decide to invite it back it will remember your previous role binds and settings

Remember to join the support server if you need any help.
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Rovolution Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Rovolution to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Rovolution Discord Bot' on this page.

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