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Rovver - The new Music Bot with the latest features and connections!
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Rovver is the latest Discord Music Bot 🎶! It’s a special bot because It was created with ❤ and also because It has more features than normal. This bot was creatively arranged by its developers 😜! The developers were working on this 24/7 and The supporters, Which mean @everyone 😎 was adding this bot before even starting the bot. That’s the various happiness and potion for our quick release! When we were starting the bot, It was added 40 servers which are really rare!

This bot was released before a few days ago but It was added to 43 Servers already! It’s a must to try out!

Command Name Command Description
r!play This command will automatically log in to Youtube, will start searching for the song information through it’s account & will start playing a song.
r!pause This command will pause the on-playing song without any effort
r!resume This command unpause or resume the paused queue, instantly.
r!skip This command will skip the now-playing song instantly.
r!stop This command will stop the song queue of the Server
r!remove This command will remove a mentioned song the from the server’s queue
r!nowplaying This command will send an embed containing the information about the Now Playing song.
r!volume This command will set the volume as you want, Instant changings
r!loop This command will repeat the on-playing song without any effort
r!pruning Don’t like the spamming from the bot? This command will delete every message sent by the bot.
r!search This command will search a song in #Youtube, will send all the songs related to the search in an Embed.
r!shuffle This command will shuffle all the songs in the current queue
r!skipto This command will skip the queue until it finds the mentioned song as below Usage.
r!playlist This command will add all the songs written by the author that was mentioned in the Song as the below usage


Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.