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creates your own Role-play world, items, inventories, shops, ...

Helps you create your own RP world for your immersion!

Create your item that users can get

Make your own items

Giving item

Don’t be stingy, and be magnanimous

Decide the currency

Bored of the default currency? Make your own one!

Feeling rich?

Send your money to other user!

Rename the balance accounts

The accounts names doesn’t suit your RP? CHANGE IT!

Let’s go shopping!

It will be so boring without shops for user to shop in

Life without job?!!

Of course not, people need to make a living from respectable occupations!

Make use of items!

Items aren’t just decoration, they must be used!

TIme for Recipes!!

Make a recipes, so users create items with it!

Missing a feature?

No worries, join this server and let me know!
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