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Created by: Ortovox#9235
Short link: discord.ly/rusty-helper
Rusty Helper allows you to spend more time doing what you love on Rust. Supporting you in your Rust adventures.
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Item commands

;allitems Lists all items

;search [item] Searches for items with a similar name to [item]

;item [item] Lists general information about [item]

Tool commands

;generate Generates a random base code / frequency

;travel [transport type] [LGF] Lists how long [transport type] will last with [LGF]

;bans {steamID64} Displays player bans for a player

Blueprint organisation

;bp create Create server configs for you to organise blueprints

;bpwipe Lets you wipe all stored blueprints

;allpb [tier] Displays all blueprints for a specified workbench tier

;bpcost [bp] Shows the price in scrap of a bp

;bpadd [bp] Adds a bp to your account

;bpdel [bp] Deletes a bp from your account

;bpsee [@user#1111] Displays all the bps for a specific user

;bpwho [bp] Shows all the users who have a specified bp

Event + Farming commands

;excavator [amount of diesel] Lists resources from excavator for [amount of diesel] and how long

;quarries [type] [amount of LGF] Lists resources from quarry for [amount of LGF] and how long

;node [type] Displays information about a specific node type

Server commands

;playersnow Displays current player count for rust

;playershistory Displays historical player counts for rust

;servers [IP:PORT] Displays queried info about a server from a specified IP

Rust update commands

;forced Displays when next few forced wipes are occuring

;countdown Countdown the the next forced wipe

;devblog Displays last few facepunch devblogs

;news Displays the latest news about Rust from Facepunch

Raiding and Building commands

;fortify [pastebin link] Displays the cost of a fortify base from a given pastebin link

Rust stats commands

NOTE: you if you store your steam ID you do not have to provide one when using commands. You can also @mention a player to see their stats if they have a stored ID

;idadd [steam64ID] Adds your steam account so you can view your stats. Ensure public steam profile. You can also use your profile name or a steamcommunity URL

;iddel Deletes your steam account from our database

;store Stores your current rust players stats or overrides them if you already have some

;wipestats [combat/resources/building/misc] Compares your current stats to your last stored ones

;stats [combat/resources/building/misc] {SteamID64} Displays a rust players statistics

;combat {SteamID64} Displays a rust players combat stats

;hours {SteamID64} Displays how many hours a player has rust

;leaderboard [category] {steam/server} Displays the leaderboard of rust stats for a certain category

Skin commands

;newskins Lists new skins added by facepunch. Will alert you each week when new ones are released

Reference + misc. commands

;keybinds Lists useful

;bases Lists links to excellent youtube base design tutorials

;youtubers Lists brilliant youtubers to watch

;streamers Lists streamers to watch

;electrics Lists youtube videos on rust electrics

;websites Lists useful rust websites

Puzzle commands

;allpuzzle Lists all puzzles in monuments

;puzzle [puzzle] Lists details about [puzzle]

;cctv Lists all CCTV camera codes as well as displaying an image of what they look like

Base tracker

;track [tag] [coords] [description] Stores a base with specific tag and coords

;viewtracked [all/tag/coords] Lets you search for your stored bases

;cleartracked [all/tag/coords] Deletes a stored base


;fertiliser [quantity] [item] Show how much fertiliser you will get from an item

Config commands

;help Brings up a list of commands

;config colour [colour in hex #d14a1d] Changes the embeds colour

;config prefix [prefix] Changes the bots prefix

;config channel [#channel] Sets the bot to only be allowed to talk in one channel

;config alert [mention] Changes the alert settings

;config alertchannel [#channel] Changes the default channel that alerts will be sent to

;config currency [usd/gbp/eur/aud] Changes the currency skins are displayed in

;config alldata Shows all the data that we have stored under your guild ID

Premium commands

;redeem Redeems a premium code to your account

;premium Lets you buy premium

;pconfig colour Lets you change your premium embed style