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This is a simply Bot for Everythink! He can manage your server, play Music, Translate and much more!

Bot Commands
:police_car: Basic Moderation :police_car:
*ban <@user> <reason> - Bans a user from the server
*kick <@user> <reason> - Kicks a user from the server
*mute <@user> - Mutes a user in the server
*unmute <@user> - Unmutes a user in the server
*invite - Generates the invite link for the bot
*say <message> - Repeats a message in the channel
*addrole <@user> <role> - Adds a role to the mentioned user
*removerole <@user> <role> - Removes a role from the mentioned user
*softban <@user> <reason> - Softbans a user from the server. Kicks them and deletes all their messages.
*ping - Displays the ping of the bot and server
*purge <number of messages> - Deletes defined amount of messages in a channel. Maximum 100.
*help - Displays the active commands for this bot
*suggest - Records a suggestion for the server.
*status - Changes the status message of the bot.
*report @target <optional reason> - Reports a user.
:notes: Music Bot :notes:
*play <title or youtube url> - Plays a song from youtube or adds it to the queue if something is already playing.
*skip - Skips the current song
*stop - Stops the music bot and clears the queue
*np - messages the song/video that is currently playing
*queue - messages the current song queue to the channel
*pause - pauses the current song
*resume - resumes the current song
*volume [volume 1-10] - changes the volume of the bot (from 1 to 10)
:cloud_rain: Weather :cloud_rain:
*weather <city> - translates a phrase to another language.

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