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It's time to ditch Mee6 and Dyno. Sapphire is taking over the world!
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Sapphire is a multi-purpose bot designed to fit all of your needs. Ranging from moderation, to levels, to having the dankest of memes, our bot will be the only one you’ll need in your server. Sapphire will challenge the status quo, and strive for a quality product.

Current features - way more to come in the near future

  • JoinRoles - Assigns roles whenever a member joins
  • AutoReactions - Automatically reacts to new messages
  • Organized Messages - Send messages & announcements easily
  • Information - Get information about servers/users/roles/colors easily
  • Images - Get different images, like memes, from Reddit
  • Music - Play music in a voice channel (Because of request issues > disabled until 24/07/2020)

Get more information about a feature by using s!help in any channel

Configure the prefix, permissions and messages by using s!help setup

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.