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Moderation Commands

s.kick [@member#1234] [reason] • Kicks the mentioned member with a reason

s.ban [@member#1234] [reason] • Bans the mentioned member with a reason

s.unban [id] [reason] • Unbans a member using an ID with a reason

s.warn [@member#1234] [reason] • Warn the mentioned member with a reason

s.unwarn [@member#1234] • Remove a warning from the mentioned member

s.checkwarns [@member#1234] • Check the amount of warnings the mentioned member has

s.resetwarns [@member#1234] • Reset the warnings of the mentioned member

s.addrole [@member#1234] [role] • Add a role to the mentioned member

s.removerole [@member#1234] [role] • Remove a role from the mentioned member

s.clean [amount] • Clean up to 100 messages in a channel

s.enablewelcome • Enable the welcome message feature

s.disablewelcome • Disable the welcome message feature

s.setwelcomemessage [text] • Set the welcome message for when a new member joins

s.setwelcomechannel • Set the welcome channel to the current text channel

s.welcomemessage • Check the current welcome message

s.setprefix [prefix] • Set a custom prefix up to 3 characters

General Commands

s.send [text] • Makes the bot send an embed message with your text

s.info [@member#1234] • Sends you information about the mentioned member

s.ping • Sends you your ping (latency)

s.getid [@member#1234] • Sends you the ID of the mentioned member

s.avatar [@member#1234] • Sends you the avatar link of the mentioned member

s.support • Sends you a direct message with an invite link to the support server

s.help • Sends you a direct message with the help page

s.usage [command] • See the usage and information about a command

s.prefix • Check the current prefix on the server

Fun Commands

s.randompuns • Sends you a random pun

s.randomletter • Sends you a random letter

s.randomnumber • Sends you a random number between 0 - 100

s.flipcoin • Flip a coin ( heads or tales )

s.8ball [question] • Ask a question and get an answer

s.randomfood • Sends you a random food emoji

s.randomdrink • Sends you a random drink emoji

s.randomanimal • Sends you a random animal emoji

s.randomobject • Sends you a random object emoji

s.randomquote • Sends you a random quote

s.randomcolor • Sends you a random color

Change Logs — V1.17 Update | 10 February 2019

New Moderation Command: s.setprefix

New General Command: s.prefix

/ Fixed s.support sending an invalid invite

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