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Dank Server Bot that will help with receiving reports of raiders, scammers.
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This bot is predominantly for the use of servers that are based on Dank Memer.

The bot currently supports 152 servers that are within a closed server called Dank Server Owners Forum (DSOF).

DSOF is where all Owners, Admins and Trusted server reps report Raiders, Scammers and Rob Enablers and People trying to trick others into enabling currency commands.

What the bot can do

Recieve Raid, Rob Enable, Rogue Staff, Trickster Reports

sk achannel (channelid)

This sets the channel where you receive the reports that have been provided of users reported. This will show the case but will not show evidence. This channel should be set so only staff with Ban perms can see as sometimes sensitive information

View cases

Sk view case (case #)

This shows similar details to the embed within the channel set above but also provides the evidence links, this is MOD only cmd as this gives the user to ban from this command by reacting to the embed emote.

report scams -

sk scam Trade (userid(s))| (evidence_link(s)) |(description)

sk scam Fight (userid(s))| (evidence_link(s)) |(description)

sk scam Other (userid(s))| (evidence_link(s)) |(description)

This not only bans scammers this also sends the report to the DSOF server. Once Checked and Published this is then viewed by all to allow prompt banning. (where applicable).

More features to be added soon

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.