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display your game server status, more then 250 game supported !
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check the dashboard => https://gamestatus.xyz/

you can find help in the main discord => https://discord.gg/vsw2ecxYnH

Server Status Bot

display your community game server info on your discord.
more then 250 game supported.

commands :

  • sb!status main command, get bot status
  • sb!config set game server config :
  • sb!config channel “channel id”
  • sb!config host “server ip/host”
  • sb!config port “server port”
  • sb!config type “server type”
  • sb!config name “community name”
  • sb!config logo “logo link”
  • sb!start start bot instance
  • sb!m enable/disable maintenance mode

here is a video on how to set up the bot:

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.