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Shield Is A One Of The Best Security Bot! Shield Will Safe Your Server From Scammers And Nukers!
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<h3>A presetuped security bot for your server.</h3>
<p>The one of the fastest securtiy bot for your server. This bot has multiple anti-nuke features. You have to do just one thing, Give admin perms to <b>Shield</b> and move bot role to top of the server.</p>
<li>Fastest & Powerful Security Bot On Discord!</li>
<li>All Anti Nuke Features!</li>
<li>Anti-Prune (Coming Soon)</li>
<li>No Need To Setup, <b>Shield</b> Is Presetuped.</li>
<li>Slash Commands Available</li>
<li>Anti Bot Add</li>
<li>Anti Guild Update</li>
<li>Anti Anti Ban</li>
<li>Anti Anti UnBan</li>
<li>Anti Anti Kick</li>
<li>Anti Prune (Coming Soon)</li>
<li>Anti Member Role Update</li>
<li>Anti Channel Create/Delete/Update</li>
<li>Anti Webhook Create/Delete/Update</li>
<li>Anti Role Create/Delete/Update</li>
<li>Anti Integration Create/Delete/Update</li>
<li>Anti Emoji Delete</li>
<li>Anti Sticker Delete</li>
<h2>Recovery System</h2>
<p>Coming Soon!</p>
<li>/help - Show All Shield Commands!</li>
<li>/invite - Send Bot Invite Link</li>
<li>/botinfo - Show Bot Info/Stats</li>
<li>/features - Show Features/Settings Of The Bot</li>
<li>/clear-webhooks - Clear Webhooks From Channel/Guild</li>
<li>/add whitelist - Add Your Friend In Whitelist</li>
<li>/remove whitelist - Remove Your Friend From Whitelist</li>

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