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shiro is a multipurpose bot, useful for moderation, entertainment and having fun!

A multipurpose bot, useful for moderation, entertainment and having fun!


8ball // Magic eight ball // e.g. !s 8b example
echo // Make shiro speak for you // e.g. !s echo example
ping // Check shiro’s latency // e.g. !s ping
quote // Become famous and create quotes // e.g. !s quote example
roll // Picks a random number // e.g. !s roll 1-100
choose // Picks between two choices // e.g. !s choose choice1 choice2
ship // See how well two people will be together // e.g. !s ship person1 person2
avatar // Get someone’s avatar // e.g. !s av @example


kiss // Kiss your friends // !s kiss @example
hug // Hug your friends // !s hug @example
punch // Punch your friends // !s punch @example
slap // Slap your friends // !s slap @example
lick // Lick your friends // !s lick @example


info // Display shiro’s join message // !s info
uptime // View shiro’s uptime // !s uptime
calculate // Calculate maths // !s calculate 1 2
note // Record a note // !s note example
notes // View your notes // !s notes
delnotes // Delete your notes // !s delnotes
userinfo // View info about a user // !s userinfo @example
guildinfo // View info about the server // !s guildinfo
stats // View shiro’s system and bot stats // !s stats
support // View shiro’s support server // !s support
invite // View shiro’s invite link // !s invite
credits View shiro’s credits // !s credits

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: !s
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Murgn#4034
Short link: discord.ly/shiro-6483